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Somewhere in space

In a galaxy not entirely unlike our own…

…there exists a small, yet remarkably extraordinary planet known as Artopia. Here, the skies are filled not with mundane clouds or ordinary birds, but with majestic whales, each adorned in swirling constellations, gliding through the cosmos as if they were the very fabric of the universe itself. These celestial cetaceans are the muses of our eclectic group of artists, dreamers, and inventors who call Artopia home.

We are Whales From Space.

It all started when I challenged myself to create daily artwork, every day for 30 consecutive days. By the thirtieth day, I was exhausted but brimming with positive energy. I wanted to finish with something surreal, uplifting, and blissfully apolitical. Then it came to me – the vision of a giant whale traveling through space portals.

I live in the heart of Starlight Harbor, a quaint town where cobblestone streets shimmer under the glow of distant nebulae, and the air is perpetually filled with the sound of gentle whale songs mingling with the laughter of our whimsical inhabitants. My studio, a cozy, cluttered haven of creativity, is where countless fantastical creations are born – paintings, sculptures, and trinkets that capture the very essence of the whales that dance among the stars.

Our community thrives on the boundless potential of imagination. Each of us contributes in our own unique way, whether it’s through brushstrokes that tell stories, sculptures that whisper secrets, or melodies that inspire dreams. Art enthusiasts, space and whale lovers, and fantasy aficionados from far and wide flock to our marketplace, seeking pieces of our magic to bring back to their own corners of the cosmos.

We, the Whales From Space, are not just artists; we are visionaries who cherish creativity, uniqueness, and the touch of stardust that clings to everything we create. Our work is more than just a hobby; it’s a way of life, a celebration of the beauty of the universe.

On any given day, you might find us collaborating on a new masterpiece, sharing a cup of cosmic tea, or simply gazing up at the celestial whales that inspire us. And always, we are driven by a shared commitment to sustainability and ethical production, ensuring that our art not only delights the eye but also respects the planet.

We invite you to join us in this enchanting world, where every creation holds a piece of our collective soul, and every whale song carries a dream. Together, we are Whales From Space, and our journey through the cosmos has only just begun.