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Welcome to the first issue of our (hopefully) weekly bundle of stellar links and articles we’ve found fascinating. Let’s be honest, we are online creatures, and we spend an unreasonable amount of time surfing the web. During our cosmic journeys, we’ve noticed that many intriguing materials get lost in the vast void of private chats and DMs. No more! Starting today, we’re releasing a new issue of “News From Space” with links that we find inspiring. Dive in and explore, and as always, your suggestions are welcome! Let’s keep our creative juices flowing across the universe!

news from space

  1. – Fuse is a growing collection of creative reference and digital entertainment. New links are posted weekly.
  2. – Design details that feel like magic.
  3. – Apple Design Award winners
  4. – Inspiration for designers, product managers and engineers to save time while while finding continuous inspiration from top web applications.
  5. – Landing page examples created by top-class SaaS companies to get ideas and inspiration for your next design project.
  6. – The world’s largest mobile and web design library
  7. – free UX inspirations and assets. Real SaaS design inspiration
  8. ux-bites – hundreds of bitesized UX interactions
  9. Why Designers Aren’t Understood – Business language and design language are often misaligned. That’s why designers are often not understood.
  10. – pick two or more songs, you can select from Spotify/Youtube and let the AI try to mash them up. Surprisingly fun and creative!
  11. Random Street View – site that chooses a random spot on Earth each time you refresh and shows you the Google street view of it. Let that inspire you!
  12. 27 lessons about writing – if you write anything, short story, novel, comic, make sure you will listen to this playlist

about the newsletter

Our goal is simple: to inspire you, help you discover new creative horizons, and break free from the confines of your everyday information bubble. Just like our majestic, cosmic whales navigate the vast expanse of the universe, we aim to guide you through a world of endless creativity and imagination. Whether you’re an artist, dreamer, or simply someone who loves to explore new ideas, our newsletter is here to keep your creative juices flowing and your spirit soaring. Join us on this journey, and let’s make the universe our canvas!